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Journal URL https://ajops.org/index.php/ajops
Title African Journal of Pentecostal Studies
Publisher AOSIS
Description The journal is an international, open access publication that covers a broad range of topics related to Pentecostalism, neo-Pentecostalism and related renewal movements in Africa and other parts of the world. It seeks to foster multi-, inter-, and transdisciplinary scholarship in the academic study of Pentecostalism, emphasising the intersectionality of theology and practice within Pentecostal circles, denominations, non-denominational movements, and other ministries. The journal encourages critical reflection on contested theological and academic themes within Pentecostalism, as well as dialogue with diverse ecumenical theologies. Its scope includes Charismatic themes, including the current trends in Pentecostalism as suggested by list of topics below. In addition, the journal encourages a multidisciplinary approach between Pentecostal theology and other disciplines such as media studies, health sciences, political sciences, economics and so forth. The journal seeks to provide a platform for rigorous, scholarly research that contributes to the understanding of Pentecostalism and its ethical, socio-economic, cultural, political, and religious impacts in Africa. Therefore, the scope of this journal extends beyond African Pentecostalism to global Pentecostalism in the context of world Christianity.
Keywords Journal; International; Open access; Pentecostalism; Neo-Pentecostalism; Renewal movements; Africa; Theology; Practice; Intersectionality; Denominations; Non-denominational movements; Ministries; Critical reflection; Theological themes; Ecumenical theologies; Charismatic themes; Pentecostal trends; Multidisciplinary approach; Media studies; Health sciences; Political sciences; Economics; Scholarly research; Ethical; Socio-economic; Cultural; Political; Religious impacts; World Christianity; Leadership; Charismatic theology; Eschatology; Divine healing; Holistic salvation; Pneumatology; Ecclesiology; Theological education; Liturgy; Church history; Biblical; Hermeneutical; Prosperity theology; Ethics; Missiology; Mission and evangelism; Socioeconomic equality; Children; Youth
Language(s) English (en_US)
Publisher Email submissions@ajops.org

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